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Four Things to Eliminate During Editing

Posted by on November 26, 2012 at 4:17 AM
There are two situations in editing documents before submissions. You can edit your own writing or edit someone else’s work,anarchy online credits. However,ao credits, there are cases where professional editing is what others would like to have from you.

Even if you are pressured in editing someone’s writing,anarchy credits, there are lots of helpful ways on how to edit a particular text. You can apply it to your own writing if you really want to.

If you really need to do the editing job even if you didn’t tried any writing improvement trainings, it can be possible for you to conduct an editing job in a professional way.

Editing is such a common task where most writers should expect it to happen. You can rely with it especially if you are on a very important and urgent writing task such as for academic or business purposes.

Even if you are doing it just because it is your job to write or edit, making a certain content readable, interesting and clean can always tempt people to read your work.

Whether you are helping or working to edit documents, you need to know your readers first. It will be better to determine your target readers and to avoid any misconception when editing a text. Of course you need to adjust the level of readability, the purpose of your writing, the tone and the correct way of expressing the main topic towards your audience.

But you can only start your work by reading through the text before editing it. it is advisable to read it several times for you to get the main point of the topic and to recognize and mistakes to correct.

There are many things you can eliminate during the editing phase. In fact, most writers I know have a list of things they go through that should be taken out of every piece they produce. Most of mine have been integrated into my customizable writing software, sparing me from innumerable “CTRL-F” and “CTRL-H” functions.

Here are four things I think you should definitely integrate into your editing software, having the tool automatically find them for either removal or replacement:

1. “There are”
2. “There is”
3. “To be”

Injecting the three above make for some of the most boring sentences ever known to man. Used in heavy doses throughout your writing, they can leave your work with a sleepy, hard-to-bear tone that only your mother could ever bear to sit down and read. Maybe even that good woman will give up halfway along too.

Sentences that use one of the above can always be rewritten in such a way that it showcases more active verbs and construction. We are not saying you must absolutely make the change every time, but it should be in your writing’s best interest to.

4. “That”

In many instances where “that” is used, the word can be eliminated entirely without affecting the sentence’s original meaning. The rule is, when in doubt, cut it off – it’s probably not needed.

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