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Confessions of an Unfaithful Wife

Posted by on November 15, 2012 at 3:10 AM

The very idea of an unfaithful wife confessing her sins is likely to arouse different emotions. This is especially true if being regarded by different sexes. For example, these sorts of confessions might make a man turn away in disgust. However it very well might make him aroused at the very thought of a promiscuous, unfaithful wife. When it comes to the persons of the same sex, it is highly likely that most of them will disdain the woman in question, taking pride in their “purity.” However, the more emotional, or maybe just more philosophically inclined among them, will feel remorse, and furthermore might even identify to that women, cause which one of us never felt the urge to look for someone new? A couple of years ago, a number of so called “infidelity blogs” have hit the Internet, and have instantly become a hit. Infidelity  lineage 2 adena blogging grabbed a lot of attention, not only due to the controversial subject it was related to, but also because it was a truly original phenomenon. The most popular of these blogger sites is the True Wife Confessions which is dedicated for women posting about their real life love relationships. Although extra-marital isn`t mentioned anywhere on the blog, it goes without saying that these kind of confessions are the one that are attracting the most attention. Are there any actual good sides to these blogs? There probably are. Some experts who dealt with the subject claim that these confessions can serve as a vent for the cheating wives, and that it is more likely to be good thing, than a bad one. They claim that those women will either cheat their husbands again, or they won`t, regardless of these blogs. However posting their feelings can give them a chance to express them, and also to confront them, which might help them decide not to do anything like that again. Also, some of the owners of these websites and blogs claim that these l2 adena blogs are written by normal people, who got themselves in an unusual situation, and who are just trying to find what is the right answer, the right thing to do, in such a situation. One of the women using True Wife Confessions claimed: “I may say these things in a therapist's office. Or I can say them here. Otherwise I would loose my mind.” Also, there are a lot of blogs on these sites that don`t deal with unfaithful wives. They are written by woman who are simply tired of their marriage, and their everyday routine, and who recognized these blogs as a spot where they can show their frustrations without fear of being ridiculed. And although most people are likely to be judgmental towards these blogs, one should ask himself, had he not ever felt like cheating? Should we simply judge the others that succumbed to that instinct? Or try to understand. Because after all, the science have established long ago that monogamy is not the natural behavior for primates (like people.)

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